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Save The Bees Annual Pollinator Seed Mixes

Save The Bees Annual Pollinator Seed Mixes

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No Garden is too tiny when it comes to helping out our dear friends, whether it be a single flower or a whole field!

Our Save The Bees Annual Pollinator Seed mixes will bring birds, bees, and butterflies into your own backyard. With our warm tones bundle, welcome a burst of vibrant yellows, pinks, and reds, or produce a calming, mystic bunch with our cool tones bundle.

You'll not only get to enjoy your lovely blossoms, but you'll also give seasonal food and habitat to your local nearby pollinators. 


Wildflower Seed Packs Include:

Warm Tones- Zinnia, Cosmo, Poppy, Marigold, Sunflower, Alyssum + Aster
Cool Tones- Zinnia, Myosotis, Larkspur, Lavander, Salvia, Alyssum 
Both varieties are recommended for FULL-SUN exposure + should bloom within the first season. Packages use a mix of 35% seed / 65% cornmeal seed spreader.
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